Field Operations & Resources

  • The daily operations of the program overseen by team leads under the direction of the Program Manager.

  • All ambassadors work in pairs, and are expected to be proactive and productive at all times.

  • There should be no sitting down on the job except for during breaks and meetings. If you have an urgent medical or personal need, please notify your Team Lead immediately to discuss before taking action.


Find out about COVID-19 testing options

The Pier 30 Embarcadero Testing Site reserves appointments for City employees Every Day and you will usually get results within 24 hours.

Crocker Amazon Pop-Up Site Mondays 10am-6pm. No Appointment needed.

701 Alabama Street Thursdays 10am-3:30pm. No Insurance needed. All Ages.

Please note: You can use COVID sick pay for your test.

What to do while working on the field

  1. Wear an effective facial covering at ALL times. (N95 mask, mask with a carbon filter, cloth mask w/effective mask beneath, other coverings with effective mask beneath)

· If you need a mask the office can supply you with a mask

2. Keep at least 6ft. distance between you and others

· Even on breaks and when eating or drinking, please maintain at least 20 ft. distance

3. Stay home if you feel sick or have any symptoms

· Don’t risk getting anyone else sick

· You can use COVID Sick Pay Leave

What to do when visiting or stopping by the office

  1. You must get approval before going into the office for longer than 15 minutes (quick pick ups/drops offs are fine).

  2. Stay home if you’re experiencing symptoms.

  3. Facial coverings must be worn at all times.

  4. Maintain physical distancing, except when absolutely necessary for short periods of time.



Check-In Instructions

  1. Arrive on time for your shift at the designated meeting location, prepared with materials, and in the proper uniform.

  2. Check in with team lead each hour and state your exact location

  3. Check out with your team lead at the designated location and time.

Data Reporting & Data Collection

Ambassadors are expected to collect important data and information about activities conducted during every shift through the Daily Activity Log to ensure accurate information.

Every day each Ambassador will also provide a daily summary of their total activities to their team lead to document and track measurable goals.

Each team's Daily Activity Log can be found on the home page of the CAP Dashboard.

General Emergency Response Process

In general, the emphasis is on immediately contacting emergency services (911) and ensuring personal safety before any level of involvement.

Though emergency response is not the primary function of the Community Ambassadors Program, in the event of an emergency, ambassadors may be called up on to provide direct assistance, act as witnesses, provide language services, or support other emergency responders.

Situations involved injury or illness of an ambassador on the job should be immediately reported to Team Leads and Program Management so that proper care and documentation can be insured. Unless life threatening or critical situations arise, ambassadors should first communicate with Program Management for proper instructions on access medical care or going to the doctor for workplace related injuries or illnesses.

Large Scale Emergencies or Catastrophes

In the case of a large-scale emergency situation (natural disaster, earthquake, etc.) teams should follow standard emergency procedures and check in with their supervisor immediately to confirm condition and location.

Neighborhood teams should meet in the following designated locations in the event of an emergency during work hours:


Chinatown: Portsmouth Square (Top level near northwest corner benches)

District 4 Outer Sunset: McCoppin Square (At Taraval St & 23rd Ave)

District 5 (Fillmore, Haight, Hayes): Patricia's Green Park (At Octavia Blvd & Hayes St)

District 10 Southeast (Bayview, Portola, Vis Valley): Martin Luther King Jr Park (At 3rd St & Armstrong Ave)

Mid-Market/Tenderloin: United Nations (UN) Plaza by the fountain (At 1150 Market St)

Mission: 16th St BART Station (On Burger King side)

If in the office: United Nations (UN) Plaza by the fountain (At 1150 Market St)


How to get materials/flyers from other Non-Profit organizations?

All NON internally produced outreach materials MUST be approved by the program manager. Team Leads may also make requests on a weekly basis through the CAP Team Lead Weekly Report.