Welcome to the City and County of San Francisco,

Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs,

Community Ambassadors Program (CAP).


You are joining a team of dedicated and talented people who provide San Francisco residents and visitors with high quality services.

The YouTube video linked below gives you an overview of the CAP and how it functions.

Also you will find information about Program Policies and Protocols.

Finally, all necessary information you need and all the necessary steps you must take before you start training as the Community Ambassador.

Before Onboarding Orientation.
Please complete following steps before arriving for your first day of the training:

Step 1: Fill out new employee personal information - Click here

Step 2: Fill out online form for uniform - Click here

By filling out this form we will have necessary time to prepare your items. In the first category please select "Ambassador/Team Lead" and on the second page please scroll down all the way to New Employee and type your name.


Step 3: Review Workplace Bullying Training - Click here

Step 4: Review Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace video - Watch here

Week of Onboarding Orientation

Arriving on Your First Day

When to Arrive

Prior to your first day you should have received an email or a call from your new supervisor, and they would have let you know what time to arrive. If you have not received a call and it is close to your first day, contact the (XXXXXXXX), and they will find out for you.


Please wear business casual attire for the duration of your orientation. Until other vise instructed.


Unfortunately, we are not providing free parking.

Completing Your Employment Paperwork

Upon arrival you will need to complete some paper work at your first day of employment. Please come on 15 minute early.

Signing Up for Medical & Dental Benefits

New PST’s Must Enroll Within 30 Days. If you do not enroll within this 30 day period, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment. 1145 Market St., 3rd FL San Francisco, CA 94103 Call: (415) 554-1750

Where to enroll: 1145 Market St., 3rd FL San Francisco, CA 94103 Call: (415) 554-1750

New PST Employee Benefits and Leave

1. Benefits

  • The 9916 PST’s are classified as “temporary exempt” employees and, as such, are entitled to the following leaves and benefits:

  • Under the Paid Sick Leave Ordinance (Admin Code Section 12W) employees may take sick leave after 90 days. Paid sick leave is allowed on and after the 91st day of service.

  • All regularly scheduled employees who work 20 hours or more a week are entitled to legal holiday pay.

  • PSTs cannot cash out or use their accrued vacation and sick time after they vacate the position

2. Holiday Pay.

  • A holiday that falls on a PST's regular day off should be coded as HE (holiday earned time).

  • A holiday that occurs on a regularly scheduled day is coded as LH. HE and LH hours are prorated to 6 because of the PST's part-time status. HSS should balance the remaining 26 hours through the week.

3. Sick time, floating holidays, vacation, furlough time.

  • Sick Pay (SP) hours can be used after 3 months of employment; PSTs are not eligible for the Floating Holidays (FH) and Furlough Floating Holidays (FF).

4. Off hours/days.

  • In general, an employee would be terminated for AWOL for more than 3 continuous workdays.

  • An employee may also be subject to automatic resignation if he/she fails to return from an approved leave. CCSF Employee Handbook Page 18 .

New PST's Employee Orientation at JobsNow

Each new community ambassador must attend the PST New Employee Orientation with Jobs NOW. You cannot miss this orientation! It is very important and you won’t be able to work if it is missed. Contact the Jobs NOW liaison, Vangie Eneliko at 415-401-4878 asap if you need to reschedule.

Dates for the PST New Employee Orientation vary and are given to you by your Jobs NOW liaison upon hire.

Note: PST New Employee Orientation is usually set for the first Wednesday of each month at 9am. Your orientation may fall on a different date and may even be different from your co-workers orientation date.