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Team Lead: Victor Pesino
Work phone: (415) 652-7822


Team Lead: Rodrigo Molina
Work phone: (415) 531-7357

Team Lead: Olga Romero
Work phone: (415) 531-9087

Team Lead: Rodrigo Molina
Work phone: (415) 531-7357



Prior to leaving your home for any of OCEIA’s worksites, each person must complete the online Health Questionnaire. This does not apply to people who plan to drop in for less than 5-10 minutes. Anyone who plans to spend more than 10 minutes at any of OCEIA’s worksites must complete the questionnaire before leaving their home.

COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

  • How can I register for a COVID-19 vaccine in California? Here's how it works in every Bay Area county.

  • Vaccine FAQs

  • General Vaccine Talking Points

Take a Break Safely

Most COVID-19 infections are caused by people with no symptoms. Break rooms are one of the highest risk places in the workplace because people remove their masks. If possible, enjoy your break outdoors. The following tips apply even if you’ve received the vaccine:

  • Keep your mask on at all times (except when putting food or drink into your mouth)

  • Stay 6 feet apart - Enjoy a quiet break or meal by minimizing talking

  • Open windows and doors if safe to do so

  • Clean and disinfect the area, and wash your hands before and after your meal