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Team Lead: Halona St. John

Work phone: (415) 531-7357

Asst. Team Lead: Maria Bautista 

Work phone: (415) 531-7879

Team Lead: Lidia Sandoval
Work phone: (415) 531-7201

Team Lead: Christopher Gotera
Work phone: (415) 635-6237

Program Resources

CAP Handbook (Revised May 2024)

JobsNow PST Handbook (Revised February 2024)

This section contains presentation slides from previous training sessions and team meetings.

Important Reminders

Heat Illness Prevention

COVID-19 Safety

COVID-19 Update - February 2024

Most COVID-19 infections are caused by people with no symptoms. Break rooms are one of the highest risk places in the workplace because people remove their masks. If possible, enjoy your break outdoors. The following tips apply even if you’ve received the vaccine:

CAP Data

CAP Work Area and Supervisorial District Map

We work in partnership with many similar programs. Click here for a map of the other ambassador programs operating throughout San Francisco!


Ambassadors are not allowed to be interviewed or speak on behalf of the program without prior consent from Program Management.

For further guidance, refer to the Community & Media Requests section of the CAP Handbook or this presentation on protocols.